Wikang Tagalog is a wonderfully simple and thorough way to study Tagalog. It is easy to use because of the many examples and clear organization throughout the book. Our class always uses the provided exercises to help us see new language concepts in their practical applications. Also, the Filipino culture shines through the stories, pictures, and dialogues. As I read these a familiar, sentimental feeling fills me like I’ve returned to the Philippines, and I wish I were actually there again. Short of talking with a native Filipino, this book is the best way to learn the language! Not only is this book fantastic to study  for my class and prepare me for my exams, but I also plan on keeping it  long after I finish my classes as a reference to keep my language skills sharp.  Magiging mahusay kayong magtagalog kung gagamiitin ninyo ang aklat na ito.
Taylor Lundgren
Tagalog Student - Brigham Young University
Mrs. Baker is a dedicated language teacher who would make sure that her students retain the lessons. She was also assigned to chair the PPO (Production and Publications Office) tasked to develop learning materials for our students. She likewise wrote a book entitled ” Sulyap sa Kulturang Pilipino” ( A Glimpse of the Philippine Culture) which the school still uses today. With her background as an indefatigable administrator, teacher, and writer, I commend her book entitled ” Wikang Tagalog: A Practical Communicative Approach’” which will definitely help foreign students who are learning our language.
Felicidad B. Mallari
English Professor at University of Asia and the Pacific - Pasig City, Philippines
Mitzi Baker’s knowledge of Tagalog, but most of all, her way of teaching the language to foreigners who at first had no clue on how to enter into a new world made the experience so enriching that it will never be forgotten. Her expertise was reflected in her teaching skills and she would always understand what the real needs of her students were. I have left the Philippines a long time ago, but every time I meet Filipinos and I can speak a little Tagalog, I can credit that to Mitzi and her dedication. I will always be thankful to have had her as a teacher. I am glad that she decided to share all that knowledge and expertise with others in publishing her book. I am sure that many students and teachers will benefit from her many years of experience of teaching. I wish her all the best, for she sure deserves it.
Friar Horecio Carlos Anklan
Brazilian Scalabrinian Priest who served in the Philippines
Wikang Tagalog: A Practical Communicative Approach” makes learning Tagalog both easy and fun. As a student from BYU with no prior experience with the language, I have learned to write, speak, and understand Tagalog in a very short period of time. Not only that, but I’ve learned to appreciate the Filipino culture as well! Mahusay magturo ng Tagalog si Mitzi!
2nd Year Tagalog Student - Brigham Young University
Ms. Maria Theresa Baker was a bonafide faculty member of the Christian Language Study Center, an institution that teaches Philippine langauges and English to foreign nationals from 1978 to 1997. She also served as Language Coordinator of  the Tagalog Department and later as Coordinator of the Productions and Publications. She authored Kapampangagn Book One and co-authored Sulyap, Tagalog Book Four. Ms Baker, diligent, intelligent and able was a definite asset to our organization. We consider ourselves most fortunate having had a teacher of her caliber in our staff.
Dr. Frank G. Flores
Executive Director - Christian Language Study Center, Quezon City, Philippines